2 Veterinary Services For Your Dog You Don’t Want To MIss Out On

If you have a dog, then chances are that you have needed to take them to a vet at one point or another for vaccines. However, there are two services that they could greatly benefit from that you might not be aware of. 


Modern technology has allowed for the development of a very useful tool in identifying animals: the microchip. Most pet and livestock owners would suffer greatly if their animals were to be lost, so they have a veterinarian, like Montgomery Animal Hospital, implant the animals with a small device. These devices don’t work like GPS units, so you can’t track down a lost animal with them.

They function more like barcodes and can be read by a special scanner that every vet is likely to have. The idea is that if someone finds your lost dog, they can bring it to a vet who can use the microchip to determine the owner in order to notify them. It is common for tags or collars to state that the animal is fitted with a microchip so that the finder of said animal can bring it to a vet in order for it to be returned to its proper owner 

Installing a microchip in your dog is generally a painless process. The vet will grab loose skin and insert the chip with a needle. The most common implant location is the back of the neck, which is hard for the animal to reach. Ultimately, this prevents your pet from accidentally dislodging the implant.

Dental Exams

Many people neglect the dental health of their pets, even if they don’t do it on purpose. Just like humans, animals can experience quite a bit of pain and discomfort as a result of tooth decay or other dental problems. It is a good idea to get a dental checkup for your dog every once in a while–and not just to keep their teeth clean. In dogs, dental problems can lead to severe problems with the kidneys and heart, among other things.

However, if you are uncomfortable with getting a dental exam from a professional, there are still quite a few options for handling your pets dental care at home. There are many specialized chew toys that can clean teeth as they are gnawed on. There are also unique toothbrushes and rinses (similar to human mouthwash) that can be used on your pet. You should be able to find such dental care items at your average pet care store.