Preparing Your Dog For A Stay In A Boarding Facility

If you are aware of a trip you need to take in the future, and you are not able to bring along your dog, you may have considered bringing them to a boarding facility while you are away. If your dog has never encountered this situation in the past, taking steps in advance to prepare them for the endeavor will help them adjust better. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your pooch for their own getaway in a boarding facility.

Meet Other Pets

If your dog is not used to the company of other dogs, getting them accustomed to socializing will be a huge help. Call some of your friends with dogs to meet you for a dog play date at a park. Bring along plenty of dog toys and treats and allow your dog to frolic with some new friends. Walk your dog down different streets in your hometown so they may come into contact with some outdoor dogs to bark at as they pass. Seeing several dogs and people in their travels will get them ready for the busyness at the boarding facility.

Book A Grooming Session

In pet boarding facilities, there are grooming services available to help pamper pets as they are staying. Consider bringing your dog to a groomer for a few shampoo, nail clipping, and brushing sessions before your trip. This will get them accustomed to having other people touching them. It will also allow them to relax a bit. They will be less apt to put up a fuss at the boarding facility if they had previous experience with grooming.

Enroll In Obedience Classes

Many boarding facilities offer obedience classes on the premises. Enroll your pet in these classes before they are to go to the facility for their extended stay. This will get them used to the commands the workers use in the facility. They may also have contact with some of the trainers while they are staying, adding some familiarity into the mix.

Bring Comforts Along

As you are preparing your pet for their stay, reward them with a specific treat or toy when they obey at home. Bring along a box of these treats and the toy when you drop your pet at the facility. Ask the staff to use these items regularly to give your dog a bit of comfort while you are away. If they have a favorite bed or blanket, bring this to the pet boarding facility as well. They will feel better knowing a piece of home has come along for the trip.

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