Scaredy Cat? Helping Your Cat Face It’s Cat Boarding Fears

When you make plans to go on vacation, you might be concerned about how well your cat will do with strangers. While a lot of cats are timid, if you find that your cat is afraid of everyone, including even you, your cat may need to be taught how to not be so easily frightened.

Look For Warning Signs

The most common signs a cat is frightened are that it hides frequently, remains entirely still and releases urine or stool in places other than the litter box. To help your cat calm down, you will need to isolate its fear triggers. The next time your cat appears very afraid, pay attention to people around the cat, loud sounds the cat might hear or anything that is happening to your cat, such as the fact that you placed your cat inside a carrier.

Socialize Your Cat

The best way to prevent your cat from being easily afraid is to socialize it to be around people when it is very young. The more time your cat spends as a kitten with other people, the less afraid it will be. However, if your cat is no longer a kitten, there are still some ways to change your cat’s behavior.

Change Your Cat’s Associations

If your cat is scared of specific situations, such as entering a cat carrier, you will need to determine whether it is the carrier itself or what your cat associates the carrier with. For example, if you almost always use the carrier to take your cat to the vet, place your cat in the carrier for a short period and then give your cat a treat afterward. When your cat no longer associates the carrier with the vet, he or she will be less afraid of the carrier.

Eliminate Loud Noises

When your cat is afraid of loud noises, it is best to find a way to minimize the number of loud noises in your home. This will reduce your cat’s overall stress level, which will make your cat less likely to be afraid when you take it to a kennel.

Create Positive Associations With Strangers

It is very difficult to get a cat to not be afraid of strangers. You may be able to reduce your cat’s fear by encouraging visitors to play with your cat or give it treats. When your cat begins to associate visitors with positive experiences, your cat may be more open to the employees at the cat kennel. Fortunately, since many cats are afraid, cat boarding center employees are usually experienced with this manner and know how to manage cats that are afraid of them.