Four Things You Might Do to Show Your Pet You Love Them That Can Actually Harm Them

There’s no doubt that you love your pets. The thing is, there are some day-to-day things you might be doing that are actually harmful for your pet’s well-being. Here are four things you might be doing out of love, but can actually harm your pet.

1. Avoiding the Regular Vet Visits Because Your Pet Dislikes It

If you have an overly anxious dog or a nervous cat, the last thing you might want to put them through is regular checkups to the vet. It really isn’t a good idea to wait until something is wrong to bring your pet to the vet. Many times, other illnesses can be caught ahead of time, and regular checkups will provide a baseline for your pet’s overall physique when they are healthy. In the long run, the small discomfort your pet has getting to a veterinarian, such as Oakton Animal Hospital, is outweighed by the need for regular vet visits.

2. Giving Your Pet Treats and People Food

While you might want to show your pet love through extra treats and food, this can be an unhealthy habit that can lead to obesity. It is important that your pet’s diet is consistent and recommended by your vet. Refrain from giving your pet people food, scraps, and treats that aren’t healthy or bought from your vet’s office. Find healthy treat alternatives or reward your pet with affection instead.

3. Overstimulation With Other Pets and People

While you might want your pet to be the life of the party, this might be unfair to both dogs and cats. Make sure cats have a hideout when guests come over and let them be social only if they feel like it. If your dog is shy or gets overly anxious around other people and pets, work on this slowly and don’t force it. Don’t cause your pet emotional distress, which can lead to long term anxiety issues.

4. Letting Your Pet Have Too Much Freedom

Your dog might be great at minding you and usually stays in the yard. The thing is, it is never a good idea to let your dog off of their leash or out of fenced areas unless it’s in a designated area like the beach or a dog park. Cats are shown to live longer and be healthier if they enjoy a lifestyle indoors. If your cat is used to the great outdoors, be sure to get them a collar and try to monitor their time outside.

While there might be things your pet will beg for or will enjoy in the short term, it is important as their owner that you show some tough love. Only you can make sure that your pet lives a safe, healthy lifestyle. Pets thrive on consistency and feeling safe, so be sure that their needs are met.