About Jennifer

Hi, my name is Jennifer Irving, and welcome to my site!

I will never forget the day my parents brought home my puppy who I named Bev. I was 5, and she was just a couple weeks old. She was a mutt-we got her from the pound. She was half-husky and half-border collie and she was beautiful. We played together for years, and Bev truly was my best friend. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Then, when I was in high school, she contracted heartworms. By this point, she was very old and had a lot of other less-deadly health problems, such as arthritis. She was definitely slowing down. However, heartworms were the last thing she could take, apparently. Although we tried to keep her healthy and comfortable in her old age, we didn’t detect them early enough and the parasite ended up being fatal for her.

I started this blog in hopes that others will be more aware of how to keep their dog healthy. Sometimes, like in cases like mine, you are doing all you can or know how to do. But sometimes a little bit of added knowledge can save the life of your best friend. Keep checking back for more pet blog posts!